PC Matic Detailed Review

How many anti-virus programs can boast a huge selection of features and ways to improve the work and performance of a computer? PC Matic is an American solution aimed at increasing productivity, improving performance and protecting your computer from viruses. We have prepared a detailed PC Matic review, in which we will talk about all the features of the program.

What is PC Matic

PC Matic is a universal program for protecting and improving computer performance. The program offers to check your computer for viruses, scan your hard drive, compare benchmarks with other computers and automatically fix problems if they are detected. PC Matic checks the level of computer security, analyzes vulnerabilities and identifies the extension in browsers.

The program improves computer performance by cleaning the registry, disabling autorun software, deleting junk files, deactivating unnecessary Windows tasks and more. PC Matic also performs disk defragmentation and improves the performance of the SSD-drive. Main features:

  • Malware detection
  • Threat and adware blocking
  • Hard drive scan
  • Registry cleaning
  • Driver update

The last option deserves special mention because the developers tried to make the utility as useful as possible.

PC Matic Adblocker

Adware viruses are becoming more sophisticated and thoughtful, unfortunately. This is manifested in the form of pop-ups, pushes, intrusive advertising. And such a moment is not just annoying. It also poses a threat to the user’s personal information. So, attackers can easily find out your location, device data and browsing history.

PC Matic was created just to prevent this and is aimed at combating malicious advertising. It prevents windows from popping up and destroys the session completely. Thus, the blocker protects your data from cyber threats in the form of pop-ups, fake alerts, “urgent alerts from Microsoft”, where the user must call a certain phone number.

Pros and Cons of PC Matic

After testing the program, we identified many advantages:

  • Powerful whitelisting virus protection
  • Affordable and pleasant price
  • Lifetime Subscription Option
  • Clear and detailed results page
  • great optimization
  • Comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • However, along with good points, Matic PC also has its drawbacks. For example, this is the following:
  • Blocks neutral or system programs
  • False positives can often occur.
  • Little information: no data from famous companies yet
  • Weak full malware scan
  • Hard-to-Run Manual Tests
  • It takes a long time to run

All you want to know about PC Matic

On the other hand, the manufacturers of this software solution took care of the users and decided to provide useful materials on how to: use the program, video guides, manuals and descriptions of each function and not only.

They did not forget about the support service. The user has a live chat. However, it is worth noting that the support service may not immediately respond to a customer request. But the employees will try to help you with any problem and give reliable advice.

Functions and Tools

Now let’s talk about automated service systems. In the case of Matik PC, it is really capable of impressing and surprising, because it starts both automatically and at the request of a PC scan.

So what this utility does:

  • Deletes unnecessary files and system junk
  • Provides Broadband Optimization
  • Updates all drivers of your system.
  • Improves SSD performance
  • Closes unnecessary applications in the download list
  • Eliminates non-existent tasks in the OS
  • Accelerates browsers
  • Stabilizes the security system
  • This will be a great addition to your current antivirus and insurance against possible threats.

We hope our PC Matic review has helped you. Choose only proven software and protect your computer.