Virtual data room price comparison: how to choose the optimal solution

Data security is every company’s dream, from a tiny startup to a massive holding company. However, history shows that even information giants such as Sony, for example, can lose data.

To protect the most important documents, as well as organize the management of the company in a more comfortable format, it is recommended to use virtual data rooms. It is the latest in burglary protection technology from both the inside and the outside.

How much does a virtual data room cost?

A full-fledged virtual data room price comparison is almost impossible. As a result, many providers avoid publicly listing their prices. There are several reasons for this.

On the one hand, most of these software providers offer services exclusively for large corporations, the prices for each of which are selected individually depending on the chosen service package.

On the other hand, each seller is trying to interest the buyer, to offer an opportunity to try. And here, it is simply necessary to drag the potential client into the conversation.

However, there are also data room providers who will immediately disclose how much their services will cost. Information about such companies is below.


The Firmex virtual room is aimed at companies that carry out design work. Therefore, service packages are provided for 3, 6, or 9 months. You won’t be able to buy it for less than three months.

All starter packs include 1 gigabyte of storage, and each megabyte on top is charged at $1. So the cost of 3 months is 2.5 thousand dollars, the cost of 6 months is 4 thousand dollars, and the cost of 9 months is 5.5 thousand dollars.


The provider offers you unlimited data storage and three tariff plans. The standard plan with minimum services will cost $55 per month + $9.90 for each new user.

The Advanced plan gives you more options for $85 per month and $17 per new user. Premium will cost $135 per month and $27 per new user.


The company offers four plans. The most uncomplicated plans are paid per user: $12.5 and $20 per month. More advanced plans cost $300 or $500 per month when paid a year in advance.


There is also an option to choose one of four tariff plans with the maximum number of participants and storage capacity (from 100 GB to 5 TB). The cost varies from $83 to $836 per month (if paid upfront). Participants can be from 100 in the cheapest tariff to 1000 in the most expensive one.


An open price on the Internet can only be found for a room for one project, and it is $1,000 per month. The professional version and the enterprise room are charged at an individual rate.


This data room software solution also offers customized plans for different businesses. However, the most minimal package costs $299 per month.